About US

Woodstock Custom Leather is based on the premise that everyone is different. Motorcycles are ergonomically designed for the male national average. Clothing is sized for some designers idea of what the human body should be shaped like. Your bike seat is uncomfortable, no surprise. You are not average. Your jacket doesn’t fit. Shocking. We specialize in fit.

Your seat foam can be altered to move you into a comfortable riding position. This can help the shorter or taller rider. Women generally have a shorter torso and arm. Their seats need to move the upper body forward to avoid the “clam shell” position. It might look cool but you can’t ride any distance like that. Men with a shorter inseam find the touring bikes too tall. The seat can be narrowed and lowered to allow feet to be flat on the ground. We use several densities of memory foam to recontour your seat. This allows the stock cover to be used. I guarantee you will be able to ride further without pain.

As to your leathers….. Sleeves too long or big ( wind up sleeves), Jacket too tight or loose at waist, Chaps flapping around calf, vest too short or long. The list goes on and on. You need to come see us. We can alter it to fit and perform correctly.

We also offer custom seats and bags, clothing and accessories. The easiest way to explain it is I don’t make boots or horse saddles. Anything else is possible.